The Master List of Legit Baby Freebies

The Master List of Legit Baby Freebies (3)

Here is the list of all current legitimate baby freebies on the interwebs. I will make sure this list is kept up to date, so that everything here is always reliable and available for you all! Thanks for everything you do to keep this blog going!


Head over to the Enfamil site to sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings, and once you are close to your due date (or after baby is born for those already parents but not yet signed up), you will receive a box with a can of formula, a six pack of ready to drink nursette bottles of formula, packets of formula powder mix, bottle nipples, and coupons. You will also be sent a set of belly badges for baby in the mail immediately upon signing up. Look out for an email throughout your membership inviting you to join the Enfamil Enspire group, and you will be sent a FULL SIZE canister of Enspire formula, which costs $40 in stores! Some accounts are lucky enough to get a diaper bag and bottle holder with more samples and coupons, but those are kind of rare and I have NO idea how you get chosen for it. If you don’t receive anything by the time your baby is born or within eight weeks of signing up if your baby is already here, call them and explain the situation. Their customer service is amazing! They also have certificates you can print out on the website to take to your pediatrician’s office to try out different kinds of formula if necessary.

Similac offers a similar program with Similac StrongMoms, where you also receive a free box with formula samples and coupons in an insulated bottle bag. This is one you might have to seriously call about to get, because I have seen many comments and reviews on Facebook from people saying they never received their box until after they called. They also have certificates on their website you can print off to take to your pediatrician’s office to try different formulas if necessary.


Naty diapers has a program called Naty Ambassadors and you just have to promote their program with a few other people by email, and they send you a pack of two diapers in whatever size you choose as a thank you for being an ambassador! You also get 50% off your first order, which is awesome in itself because these are expensive and natural diapers!

Aeroflow Diaper Club offers a subscription service for Cuties diapers that is VERY reasonable, plus if you scroll all the way down the page, you can request a sample pack of diapers for free in whatever size you want!

One really amazing site to join is Generation Good by Seventh Generation. I can’t tell you how many free samples and full size products I have received from them to date, and I haven’t even been a member for a year yet! They give out diaper, baby wipe, lotion, dish soap, laundry soap, and other samples at different times all year long, and the most coveted program they run is the Baby Home Party, which last year sent a full size bag of size 2 diapers, dish soap, baby wipes, a bunch of samples of wipes, laundry detergent, and lotion, and a full size gift set of their new Coconut Care line including lotion, baby soap/shampoo, and diaper cream!


Walmart offers a free Baby Welcome Box on their baby registry page. It is offered at different times throughout the year, so if it isn’t letting you sign up right now, keep checking back every month. It is worth it because it comes with a bottle, pacifier, sometimes a swaddle blanket, and lots more!

Babies R Us has a free gift bag program with their baby registry. You can set it up online or in stores, but the gift bag MUST be picked up in store, and contents vary by location.

Target also has a gift bag program with their baby registry. You must pick it up in stores as well, and it usually includes a bottle, pacifier, diaper rash cream samples, a Starbucks coupon, nursing pads, and some other things.

Buy Buy Baby has a gift bag program for their baby registry as well, that must be picked up in store and has varying items per location.

Motherhood Maternity offers a Perks Savings program that periodically sends out product samples to expectant mothers from their partners.

Amazon has a Welcome Box for their baby registry, and it’s a little more complicated to get but very much worth it! You create your registry online and complete the registry checklist (you can mark each category complete yourself to hurry the process along), and then add any items to your registry (doesn’t have to be baby related) that you would normally buy anyway, or items that you will buy to review if you are an Amazon reviewer, and the total of the original price before discount must be $10+, and once the item(s) have been paid for and shipped, you can claim the Welcome Box. It changes periodically, but the one I got contained a muslin swaddle blanket, bottle, pacifier, and a bunch of product samples including diapers, wipes, and formula.


Email Gerber from their Contact Us page, explaining that you are having a baby and give your due date and ask for product samples and coupons, and they will send you a bunch of coupons and a really cute newborn baby onesie in the mail!

Email Aveeno from their Contact Us form, explaining the same as above, and they will send you coupons and samples from their Aveeno Baby line, like lotion and eczema cream.

Email Boogie Wipes from their Contact Us form, and they will send a bunch of samples of their Boogie Wipes products in different scents.

Email Aquaphor from their Contact Us form, and they will send a big envelope full of a BUNCH of samples and coupons.

Email Dapple Baby from their Contact Us tab on their website, and they will send you a bunch of laundry and dish soap samples, as well as some others if requested from their product line if you will review them on Target’s website.

Email Boudreaux’s Butt Paste from their Contact Us form, and they will send coupons and samples of all their kinds of diaper rash cream. It is amazing to have on hand so I highly suggest getting these!

You can also ask your pediatrician about diaper rash cream, and they will usually give you a big bag full of different kinds to take home for the baby!

Email Burt’s Bees from their Contact Us form, and they will send you a big envelope of samples from their baby product line.


Pampers Rewards offers a myriad of items to earn from collecting points off of their diaper and baby wipes packages, as well as random codes posted online throughout the year. It is very easy, and a lot of the items you can get are very nice!

I will keep adding items as I find them for you all, and subscribers to the email list will be automatically notified of new freebies first! If you come across any not listed here, please feel free to list them in the comments. Also, if you would like to leave photos of the things you get for free in the comments, feel free to do so!


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