The Legal Stuff

It’s not always fun, but it is necessary! Skipping all the formalities, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


This blog collects names and/or email addresses through its opt-in email form for newsletter sign-ups, and through comments left on posts. Other personal information might be left by the author in comments, but it is not used for any purposes. Names and emails are only used for the email list and for tracking blog traffic. No private information is ever sold or given to another entity whatsoever.


I am not easily offended in any way, so pretty much anything goes here, but if things ever get too crazy or bullying or just flat out rude or spammy, your comments will be removed and you not be allowed to comment on this blog. I am a huge believer of free speech, whether I agree with it or not, but I also believe in respect.


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This blog will sometimes host affiliate links and sponsored content for products and services that I personally own or use, or ones that I feel will be of advantage to my general audience. My opinions are my own, and you are not obligated to take part in or purchase anything at all. All sponsored and affiliate content will be labeled as such.


Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are the property of the person they come from. I don’t ever intend to manipulate anyone into thinking something that works for me will work for them, because we are ALL different. I will speak freely about pretty much anything, but my viewpoints and experiences are exclusive to me alone, and that goes for anyone else writing or commenting here.


By entering your name and/or email and signing up for any email list or newsletter on this site, you are giving your permission to be sent emails from this blog, The Baby Life, and no-one else. I will not sell or give away your information, and emails will never be spammy or in great numbers.