Newborn Diapers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Newborn Diapers-The Good,The Bad,&The Ugly

Diapers are a necessary, but costly and space-consuming (think garbage in the landfill), evil. With so many options on the market, how do you know what to choose? Price equals quality, right? Not always. With my personal reviews below, let me take some of the guesswork out of this nasty (literally) business. All of these opinions are my own and do not represent any particular performance. Take into consideration, my son was 8 weeks old when he outgrew newborn diapers at 11 pounds and 23 inches long. He is a very long (95th percentile!!!), slightly chunky baby, so his experiences may differ from a lot of other babies!

We started off with Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers in the hospital I gave birth in, as most hospitals offer them as their choice of newborn diapers. They served us really well for the first couple weeks of Draven’s life, but once he really started gaining weight, they slowly but surely started losing their holding power-on wet AND dirty diapers. I would say they are ideal for babies under 8 pounds, but this is just from my own personal experience. We have since moved on to size 1 since Draven is now about 12.5 pounds, and they seem to be doing very well now for his size, so the brand itself is very good. They are scented like baby powder, so if you’re worried about unnecessary chemicals on your newborn, then you might want to look at a more natural brand (keep reading this post for the natural brands we have tried so far), but Draven never had an issue with them, so this is again personal experience only. They always have really good deals for Pampers Swaddlers of all sizes on Amazon, so if you want to get a box for home use after you use the ones from the hospital, you can get an amazing deal here costing about 8 cents per diaper with an Amazon Prime membership! Altogether, I would say Pampers gets:
Design-4.5/5 stars-they are really cute and very appropriate for babies
Sensitivity-2/5-with a baby powder scent and wetness indicator, they are more likely to cause diaper rash and other skin issues
Fit-3.5/5-they fit smaller, so expect baby to outgrow them before the standard 10 pound limit, but also expect smaller babies to fit them well at the start
Absorbency-3/5-they did great while Draven was tiny, but after that, his onesies would be SOAKED in pee and leak out poop (and we change his diapers immediately unless he’s asleep or we’re driving)
Dryness-4/5-they seemed to do really well on keeping his skin dry unless he had a leak
Overall-3.5/5-not worth the price tag, but they give a ton out at the hospital, which is the absolute best time to use them, so do it then!

After we got done with the Pampers diapers, we moved on to what is quite possibly my favorite brand of diapers period, Cuties. They hold up SO WELL. The design is really well thought out, and stands up to infant weights of 10+ pounds, as we used them past that point on Draven. They don’t have a scent, so they are quite a bit less chemically intrusive to newborn skin, and they don’t have a wetness indicator either. There are a few ways to get Cuties at a decent price, as even though they work better than any diaper I have used so far, they have a much lower pricing point than Pampers retail value. You can get a free sample from Aeroflow Diaper Club, and you can also get a great deal subscribing to the club itself for the first month, getting four packs of diapers and three packs of wipes for only $24!
Design-4/5-they are pretty basic, with cute hearts, so they’re not uber creative or cutesy, but they definitely impress in other areas
Sensitivity-4.5/5-not scented and without a wetness indicator, so they should be fairly good for sensitive and non-sensitive alike!
Fit-5/5-I can’t get over how well these diapers fit. Seriously, you will have to see it for yourself.
Absorbency-5/5-we almost NEVER had a blowout-in urine or poop
Dryness-5/5-he was always dry, I had no complaints
Overall-4.5/5-you honestly just don’t know how good these diapers are!

Another brand I liked, but Draven grew out of very quickly, is the Honest Co. newborn diapers. They add a boost of cuteness to diapers with all the designs they offer, and they are one of the best natural diapers out there. They are a bit smaller than other diapers on the market, but their price tag is not small at all. Draven grew out of newborns around 8 pounds or so, but he is doing well in the size 1 diapers now. They hold his pee and poop really well, and of course have no scent or wetness indicator. You can buy the diapers and plenty of other natural products offered from The Honest Co., or get the girls’ newborn variety pack and boys’ newborn variety pack from Amazon.
Design-5/5-if I could give a higher score, I would. They have all kinds of designs and they are 95% cute.
Sensitivity-5/5-one of the few diapers able to boast being natural and lacking chemicals, they should be great for your sensitive baby
Fit-3.5/5-these diapers are a bit smaller than average, so take that into consideration. Besides that, the fit is great.
Absorbency-4/5-we had some leakage, and I’ve read a lot of reviews where leaking was a big problem for some users, but it could be worse.
Dryness-5/5-he was almost always dry so all good here!
Overall-4.5/5-you have to take into account the smallness of the diapers but once you’re over that learning curve, they perform really well and look darn cute doing it!

Naty by Nature diapers start at size 1, with a sizing group of 4 to 11 pounds, but they were WAY too big on Draven til he was around 8 pounds. Even then, they didn’t impress me very much with their performance. Maybe if he was bigger they would have worked better, but as a newborn they didn’t hold up too well for his size at all. They are a natural brand and also have a high price point, but you can get a sample of two diapers here, as well as buying them if you like them after trying them out. You can also get them from Amazon.
Design-2/5-they are plain white, kind of boring, but oh well
Sensitivity-5/5-extremely natural diapers, with a huge price tag to match, but you won’t have to worry about baby’s skin in these
Fit-2/5-very weird. The advertised sizing on the packaging is misleading at best, and they drowned Draven til he was 8 pounds or so. And the way they close is annoying because everything is just so bulky.
Absorbency-4/5-they held everything well-I mean, this kid pees like its a competition with Niagara Falls, so yeah…
Dryness-3/5-he stayed kinda dry sometimes, other times not so much
Overall-3/5-definitely not worth the price unless your baby is a sensitive chunky monkey

One brand that I absolutely love, but didn’t get much experience with in newborn size diapers is Seventh Generation. They have yet to let me down in any of their products, and I am always finding new ones to love. Their diapers seem like they are really good, and being another all natural brand, they have a lot to offer in many aspects to new parents. I highly suggest signing up for Generation Good because you will get opportunities to try out not only diapers, but baby wipes, other baby products, laundry detergent, and much more. You can also get them from Amazon, or get a free trial of a full size pack of diapers and wipes from Seventh Generation directly.
Design-3/5-they have cute little designs on them, so not too bad
Sensitivity-5/5-another natural, chemical free brand, so good for the skin
Fit-4.5/5-they fit well while I used them, and I will have more of a review in subsequent sizes
Absorbency-4.5/5-they hold really well compared to other natural brands on the list, with very few leaks
Dryness-5/5-always dry
Overall-4.5/5-best natural diapers on the market, especially with their Generation Good program!

We will soon have a blog post about our size 1 diaper experiences so stay tuned, and feel free to ask any questions or comment on your own experiences with newborn diapers!


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