The Deal with Dealspotr

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The Deal with Dealspotr

I wish I had heard of Dealspotr a long time ago. You always hear about ways to save money and make money online, but seldom do you find legitimate ways of doing either, much less both together. That is where Dealspotr comes in. The Wikipedia of online sales and coupon deals is maintained and updated by everyday people just like you and I, keeping things organized and validated. Not only do you get to post, use, and share deals all over the world wide web, but you also get rewarded for doing so! And the more accurate and active you are, the more the rewards increase, incentivizing that accuracy and activity in a way I have yet to see another website do.

Starting off as a new user, you can go to the website itself at and create an account with referral code CARPE0NOCTEM, but if you run a blog with at least 1,000 views per month, I suggest using a referral link like my own here, and using access code brf116dP, for better payout rewards later on. More on that later. You will start as a Bronze Status user once you verify your email, and will earn 5,000 points from the beginning, leaving just 5,000 more to get your first reward, which is a $10 Amazon gift card. Now, if you have a blog with 1,000+ views per month, the next thing you want to do is promote to Silver Status because you will get a ton of better benefits and access to more ways to earn points and rewards. First, you will want to go to the orange box at the top right corner of your screen, the new user checklist, that is displaying a number, usually a 4. There, you will click, and a drop down list of things to complete will show, and you just go down the list and complete each step until they are all done, and you will receive a point bonus for completion AND your first Silver Status step is done. You can do this list every 24 hours now as well, to get a 200 point bonus on top of whatever points you earn for completing each step or deal post/verification. Second, you want to enter your blog URL into your settings page so you can be listed as a verified influencer on your profile. It is highly worth starting one if you don’t have one yet, so make sure to do that now to get your Silver Status rewards! Third, you will want to place a Dealspotr button on your blog that is visible from your home page. They make this extremely easy to do from your Influencer Tools page, with the graphics preloaded and step by step instructions available on the page for you. Lastly, once all the other steps are completed, you just need to make sure your blog is verified through Dealspotr, and you will achieve Silver Status. What that means for anyone using the referral link and access code above, is you will automatically earn 15,000 points which equals out to $15 in rewards for Amazon gift cards. You will also get a double lifetime points multiplier for every deal you post that earns points, and an affiliate upgrade of 20% commission and $2 upfront paid out. The main goal of this entire list is to achieve the rank of Gold Status, for even better reasons.

Gold Status is achieved by completing another four steps after Silver. First, you need to post or validate at least five of your own deals you have found on Dealspotr, making sure they are accurate and accepted. Second, you use the option of putting a deal sharing widget on your blog for any deal you find on Dealspotr. They make this very simple as well, with step by step instructions and premade graphics so all you have to do is enter basic information and copy and paste a deal that correlates to any certain blog post you have. Third, write an informative article (blog post) of at least 600 words spotlighting Dealspotr and its operations, comparisons to similar websites, etc., and share it with your followers publicly. They give a lot of detailed information to help you out with this as well on your Influencer Tools page. Lastly, submit the article for review and once accepted, you will now be able to cash points out using Amazon OR PayPal, and get a 25,000 point bonus, which means you can get a $25 Amazon gift card or PayPal payment! If at first you don’t succeed for some reason, they give you another chance to rewrite and edit your post for resubmission so you can get those amazing Gold benefits.

As long as you maintain consistently accurate posts and/or verifications of deals, you will continue to earn higher and higher points and increase bonus amounts based on that accuracy. Any online deal, and many offline in store deals, can be posted as long as they are active at the time of posting and it is not a repeat of an already posted deal or an affiliate link. Verification of already posted deals earns you points, too, so don’t get down if a deal you find is already listed-just verify its accuracy and you’ll get your points. There are so many ways to earn points and help people find legitimate deals, you won’t run out of things to do and points to earn. I love being a part of a group that encourages honesty and real ways to save money shopping, and rewards those who go above and beyond in sharing and verifying those deals! You can trust that the information is correct, and save yourself time looking through site after site of the same invalid information. If you still haven’t joined yet, do yourself the favor of signing up now, and not only saving money by using the deals found there, but also earning money by helping share and keep these deals accurate!

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