5 of the Best Baby Products On Amazon and Owned by Me!

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The Star Projector Sound Machine is a life saver during some difficult bed times. The top has a light-up display that projects different shapes (stars, planets, and the like) onto the ceiling in changing colors to grab baby’s attention, and plays different lullabies and white noise sounds to calm baby and help them sleep through background noises. One of the really cool features is it has a setting to automatically turn on when it hears the baby cry. It works pretty well, although sometimes it will start playing with similar noises it picks up, but it’s not too sensitive. It also has multiple ways to run-battery power (AA), USB cord, and and wall plug-in, so it is great for traveling, too! It has definitely saved us quite a few times, and will in the future for sure.


A really awesome product I am so glad I got is this personalized baby blanket, which is also an amazing idea for a baby shower or birth gift. It is available in blue or pink, and is fully customizable with baby’s name, birth date, and they offer a cute bunny and scroll design that you can decide to exclude from the overall design if you’d like. It is really soft and thick fleece with satin trim, with perfect stitching, so you can tell it will last a long time. The size is quite impressive as well. Draven will be able to use it long into his toddler years at 36×36 inches. We used it as his coming home blanket and will continue to use it in his crib and until he doesn’t want it anymore. Then it will become a beautiful keepsake!


One thing I never anticipated needing, but am glad I found is this organic baby pillow. The description says it is for “flat head syndrome”, but I got it to help with Draven’s spit up issues because of his milk allergy. It keeps him propped up more at night, so we don’t have to worry about him choking in his sleep and he seems to love sleeping on it. It is a decent size at 13×9 inches, made of 3D air mesh, and is super easy to clean! We’ll probably hold on to this one, too, until he grows out of it.


If you’re looking for a cost effective way to carry your baby with you without dropping hundreds on all those expensive baby carriers out there, look no further! This baby carrier officially replaced our Chicco carrier, and is less than half the price. It is way more comfortable for me to wear AND for baby to be in, and we liked it so much, my boyfriend had me buy a second one for him! It adjusts well for you and baby, and we started using ours when he was only a week old, so it fits all sizes of infants even though the description says for 3 months+. We have had zero issues with our carriers, and will use them until he is too big.


Finally, we have the baby mirror. This thing is absolutely adorable, very different from most baby mirrors you see on the market today with their plain black or grey trim. The cartoon vibe is not only unique, but maybe the kiddos will like it as they get older and learn more. The mirror itself is shatterproof, and it is ridiculously easy to install in your car. I just popped my back seat headrest up, stuck one part under and one part over, velcroed it together, and voila! Now I can see Draven while driving as long as he is rear facing.

I am always finding awesome products to use on Amazon for babies, so there will be more to this series soon! Make sure to sign up for my email list to stay updated on new posts AND get my baby freebie list that saves you the time and hassle of looking them all up yourself!

What are some baby products you have found and are now glad you own? Hit me up in the comments below!


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